Dinar Revaluation

Shocking Dinar, Dong, Dollar Revaluation Revelations
Shocking Revelations about The Coming Dinar, Dong and Dollar re-Evaluations. Learn also about the latest attempts on Putin and by whom.


  1. Ebay has been ruined by out sourcing. An American company founded on nostalgic collectibles from Americana. Well they have ruined it completely, every service rep is Asian and they have no concept of how Americans do business, which means scamming on the small sellers has been off the charts. That's all America is, just Corp HQ for staffers and all workers out sourced.

  2. did I hear you right. Obama gave the vietnamese nuclear bomb. I find this very difficult to believe. You got yur sources wrong or youre lying

  3. The dong is not going to revalue, the SBV has a low currency policy and has been steadily devaluing it to benefit Vietnam's export economy.

  4. so the london banksters answer to Frankfurt who answer to Rome who answer to Jerusalem where does Switzerland and the BIS (Business of International Settlements) fit in, im sure they control all central banks, ……and my question is who does Jerusalem answer too?? …….

  5. Where do I begin?  In 2010 the CBI (Central Bank of Iraq) announced that they would redenominate – not revalue – the dinar.  They never said that everybody is going to make millions.  The pumpers (who were compensated by the dealers) said that.  The Obama administration didn't sell nuclear weapons to Vietnam.  The US dollar hasn't been revalued by Jack Lew or anybody else, because revaluations only occur with pegged currencies and the dollar is a free floating currency.  Cloning humans for seven years?  Okay, I think this is all anybody really needs to hear to realize that this guy has nothing of value to say.

  6. if half of what you;re saying is true, you have (BIG BALLS) exposing this!!! , about the planes flying over head, they have been going no stop at JBLM for months, i hear/see them all the time too. so i know that part of what you're saying is true, its just, some of the things you're talking about, my GOD man, why are you still above ground?, why have you not went into a bunker somewhere?, with the contacts you must have, you could go anywhere and sit this one out. you talk about being forced to buy a biz lic. as a american, are you not a american? its now late feb. and yes more shooting have happened, how many more are coming,before you say marshall law is coming?

  7. Sorry William but every dinar "investor" I've ever listened to has said since 2007 the dinar will revalue and we'll all become rich. It's just a scam that has been going on now for years. You can't compare Iraq to Kuwait because they are vastly different situations. Also just take a look at Iraq, it's in total chaos. The IQD is a total scam and it's doing more harm than good.

  8. so this is a scam thats what your telling me? also does this mean we lose money , when will we find out we wasted money or gained money or when will can check the bank

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