Iraqi Dinar Conference Calls – Open Mic

OK, so what is the Iraqi Dinar Scam?  Here is a link to the IQD scam article I wrote earlier.

Though the currency of Iraq, the dinar is not a scam in and of itself, the concept of making 100x ROI (Return on Investment) makes no sense at all.

There are many people who have invested their retirement earnings to buy this currency, they were wrong to do so. Some people are starting to do the same thing and speculate in other currencies like the Vietnamese Dong, Indonesia Rupiah and Iranian Rial. All are bad ideas.

What is the point of the conference calls? Obviously, people want to get as much information about their so called “investment” as possible, so what do they do? They listen for hours and hours on end to conference calls.

I don’t need to even get into the number of websites out there promoting these calls, and many times, during the call you will be asked to either buy a product (health, usually MLM based) or a service like a trust package.

Speaking of trusts, and asset protection, these packages are not needed unless you already have massive assets to protect. Sandy Moreland, known as the IRS lady, promotes the RV Scam via the Protection Group LLC conference calls by Ray Brooks. Ray hides himself behind the company he works for. He calls himself the “compensated spokesperson” but trust scam pumper is more like it.

asset protection scam

I hope you like this site about the Iraqi Dinar, but we eventually want to discuss other currencies as well.

Watch out for Dinar Vets their site was hacked recently.  I just wanted to let you know.  Here is some more news on the Iraqi Dinar including the removal of the 50 dinar banknotes.

Check out some of my other content including the recent outing of Currency 365 as a failed hip hop artist with a former criminal girlfriend.

Thanks for checking this article out, remember to go to the FBI site on the Iraqi Dinar if you have been scammed, the link is here:

Thank you once again for reading my blog.

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