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Things can turn on a Dime in this life we go moment by moment and day to day Never Turning back

Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Late Sunday Night 2-28-16

ON OPEN MIC JUST NOW 7:50 PM CST: IKO Ward said, his connection in the Wells Fargo bank said, “Last night at 12:03 am, the ping went around the world to all of the Central Banks, even the Rothschild banks, who had not participated in the past.”

[IKOWard]: Proof will be tomorrow morning when the sun rises. Everyone I’ve been talking to says we are there

Iko: intel that we are there, it is done – waiting for notifications, there seems to be some discussion as to the form of those notificaitons will come in – whether you are a group or individual and where you are, notified tonight annd be in the banks tomorrow – hearing that everywhere

Dr. Clarke Monday Morning Update, emailed to Dinar Recaps


​For the past 7 weeks, we’ve pointed you toward the 1ST WEEK OF MARCH thru the 8th. Tomorrow will start the 1st WEEK OF MARCH.

We’re still not Done. It’s not Done. Because the rate has not increased, and is not International. When the rate becomes International……THEN, it’s Done.

We’re not going to give you a long list of reasons why things should happen – because you already have all the EVIDENCE you need – from everyone else. You don’t need any more evidence.

Mosul is now secure enough, as well as surrounding strongholds in Syria, Turkey, Libya. Dr. S is, and has been active in CBI. Oil surprisingly, been held around low ‘s on purpose, to choke you know who even more, till rate increases. Laws, now irrelevant. People on it – Riots increasing. U.S. Presidential candidates now solidified. G20 Big Success.

Big world economic public announcement coming this week, that nobody knows about. It’s Big. Big.

You will be in Exchange Centers, NO LATER THAN MARCH 22, 2016exchanging your Iraq Dinar, if you choose. All other currencies are questionable in that time frame. We are certain about the Dinar. The only other currency that MIGHT highly increase in value around the time the Dinar is announced, is the VN Dong (probably within a week of Dinar). I know everyone’s wild on the Rial, but it’s not gonna happen anytime soon, despite the outright logic, statements etc.

Keep it Simple. Sit back, Relax, Don’t Rush and take your time.
Enjoy your week!

I Intend the Best for ALL,
Dr. Clarke


  1. I had a dream last night that I was in a boat with people and all of a sudden, from nowhere, there were 30 foot waves, about 6-7 of them. It was crazy! We all had to hold on for dear life, they came literally out of nowhere, no warning. All was calm, and then WOOOOO, down steep and holding onto the boat for dear life.

    Things can change at the drop of a hat AND THEY WILL.

    Jesus is true and He is coming soon.

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